More speed from bionx changing wheel motor

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More speed from bionx changing wheel motor

The Bionx motor for the 20 in wheel runs to 385rpm the one for the 26/700c wheel runs 300rpm So if you re-lace the 20 inch motor to a 700c wheel you will go faster from the 20mph top speed to 24/25mph top speed, but will you lose torque, and do you have to set the controller to a 20 inch wheel setting even though you are running the 700c wheel to get the higher speed and not lose the torque. If you leave the setting on the proper wheel size will the controller even allow the rpm to go over 300rpm and up to the 385rpm. And if you need to set it to the 20 inch wheel setting to get to the higher 385 rpm how do you correct your speedometer and odometer in the controller.

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