help choosing correct motor, battery, etc setup for 80lb scooter project

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help choosing correct motor, battery, etc setup for 80lb scooter project

Hello all. I apologize for the elementary questions. I've built a stand-up scooter roughly the dimensions of an 'X-treme' electric scooter. I would like to achieve 35mph for 30-40 minutes "continuous" use (quotes because I realize riding around on a scooter isn't the same as an exhaust fan running constantly. There is the stop-and-go aspect). I'm guessing an outrunner motor(looking into either a 3000watt but don't know if I need a lot more power such as a 6000watt 50volt) paired with 5200mAh 44.4v; 35C output batteries.

Am I close in my assessments or am I way off? can a 3000watt outrunner do what I need or are all outrunners in that range below 50volts? I have tried to educate myself prior to posting this, however, some expert advice could really help me avoid costly and timely mistakes. I understand that volts=speed; mAh="size of the tank"; and C=rate of flow(current) but after that, I'm just too green, no pun intended.

Thanks very much for any advice. It is very appreciated. I grew up a car buff and have simply evolved away from the whole I.C.E paradigm and am lucky to have such a great site to come to.


CHL lithium battery
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Re: help choosing correct motor, battery, etc setup for 80lb ...

Yes,you need CHL ,which size could just replace the yellow battery on XTreme4000liCHL.jpg

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