E-Kart ScootOut 2011 - electric go-kart racing at LeMans Karting in Fremont, September 26, 2011 2PM - 5PM

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E-Kart ScootOut 2011 - electric go-kart racing at LeMans Karting in Fremont, September 26, 2011 2PM - 5PM

KleenSpeed just sent out this announcement of an electric go-kart event to be held in a couple days in Fremont. Sounds cool, but I wonder why it was announced on such a short timeframe. To participate you'd have to already have your Kart built, ..so.... anyway, could be interesting and it's close enough I'll probably attend.

E-Kart ScootOut 2011
WHEN : September 26, 2011 2PM - 5PM
WHAT : Electric Racing KART Time Trials Event
WHO : William Camara, EV Kart Racer for KleenSpeed Technologies
WHERE : LeMans Karting 45957 Hotchkiss Street, Fremont, CA 94539

For Event Information contact :
Joel Hamilton
E-KART ScootOut
650 346.3231
pingjoel.hamilton [at] yahoo.com

E-KART ScootOut 2011
September 26, 2011 2PM - 5PM
LeMans Karting 45957 Hotchkiss Street, Fremont, CA 94539

ABOUT : E-KART ScootOut 2011
All EV builders are invited to participate.
Please contact Joel Hamilton to register.
650 346.3231
All EV enthusiasts are invited to this free event
- please get the word out ASAP!

Joel Hamilton, Event promoter and EV Enthusiast has organized an exciting time trial event, open to all EV Karts and Kart Track suited EV's for an invitational ScootOut Competition. The format and concept is simplicity itself :: If you Built it - Come and Race it .. and may the fastest EV's win.

The E-KART ScootOut is intended to generate excitement for electric vehicles in new segments of the fan base and provide the entrepreneurs, engineers and EV enthusiasts of the Bay area an event focused on showcasing and testing their creations and project vehicles.

Classes will be determined based on entry specs and Challenge Lap time awards given to the winning vehicles in each class. This is an open forum and all EV builders are invited to enter and run for the clocks.

Event sponsorship has been generously provided by LeMans Karting in Fremont and a Prize Raffle for all attendees will be held. Prizes will include Time Trial Packs at LeMans Karting, Cool promo items from KleenSpeed Technologies and other neat stuff from various sponsors.

Special Thanks to Amanda Hurtado at LeMans Karting!

KLEENSPEED is primarily an R&D company with a focus on EV technologies. KLEENSPEED is dedicated to the development of innovative and advanced technologies that will revolutionize the EV industry and create systems and vehicles that truly realize the full potential of electric vehicles.

The KleenSpeed E-Kart is a test bed platform for our Micro Car EV System. It is based on a Swiss Hutless chassis. We have just completed the design and installation of the Gen2 Micro Car System, based on the results of extensive testing of the Gen 1 system. Preliminary tests on the Gen 2 system indicate a remarkable advance in all relevant efficiency and performance metrics.

The KleenSpeed E-KART Gen 2 will be prepped for its first competitive outing and going for a new class record at the LeMans Karting track.

The Micro Car System consists of an Energy Storage System utilizing Gold Peak Lithium Ion Phosphate cells in two proprietary KleenSpeed enclosures with a total energy of 3.1 kWh. A Curtis controller is integrated into the electric propulsion system with a 43 kw / 57 hp electric motor.

The Gen 2 Micro Car System delivers over 45 hp to the wheels as installed in the E-Kart. Performance is dazzling with 0-60 mph runs clocked at 3.91 seconds and a top speed of 70+ mph.

We challenge anyone with an EV Kart to come out and race against us!

For KleenSpeed Technologies information contact :
Dean Seven
KleenSpeed PR
415 601-2118
dean [at] inthemixmedia.net
Driver for KleenSpeed Technologies

The KleenSpeed E-KART will be driven in the ScootOut Challenge by rising racing star, William Camara of Fremont. Currently, just 16 years old and one of the fastest young personalities on the racing scene, William has already won 12 championships and taken over 400 1st place trophies in races and heat events driving karts, quarter midgets and JR NASCAR racers.

William will have his hands full with the instant torque and big power of the KleenSpeed E-KART, but we hope his native talent and considerable experience will help him master the machine and set the top Kart time of the Challenge event.

Email William Camara
For further information about KleenSpeed or to arrange media access to the KleenSpeed Team please contact :

dean seven ::: director of public relations
415 601-2118 direct line
Click to Email Dean

KLEENSPEED Technologies
650 996.2601

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