who from California? how to registered scooter in California

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who from California? how to registered scooter in California

we are a scooter factory from china.
we sold a escooter (1500w60v) to California.
but the customer say
"In California, all vehicles are registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Once a vehicle is used in California, it must be registered at DMV.

All vehicles must have an EMISSION LABEL and on that label it must state CALIFORNIA.

If the vehicle does not have a label like that, it must go through a laboratory to be approved.

Unfortunately, the scooter we got, is not RED FLAGGED as they call it. Because we tried to register it, and it does not have the emission label, we are ordered by State of California to remove the scooter OUT of California immediately. We can not do anything but ship it away from California.

Read the article here: http://www.californiagreensolutions.com/cgi-bin/gt/tpl.h,content=2411


What shall we do with the bike now? Any idea?

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Re: who from California? how to registered scooter ...

The law cited covers internal combustion engine vehicles, but if this is a new law, it may have been poorly written not to exclude electric vehicles from these decals. Two possible paths are,
1. Contact the California Department of Motor Vehicles, and inquire about procedures to provide proper documentation as to the manufacture and compliance of the vehicle for registration and sale in the state.
2. Contact the Secretary of State, and explain you are having difficulty importing your vehicles with proper compliance documents, and need them to identify the necessary paperwork for your vehicles to be used on California roads. Best of Luck.

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