How to wire 6-pin switch to 4-pin relay

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How to wire 6-pin switch to 4-pin relay

I have a 12vdc 32amp motor driving a fwd-rev gearbox.

I have been given a 6-pin momentary toggle switch (to activate the motor to move forward or reverse);

I have also been given 2 12vdc 4-pin relays.

Relay Pins in the picture are :
Left mid vertical = 87
Top horizontal = 85
Right horizontal = 30
Bottom horizontal = 86

One relay is to power the forward part of the switch, and the other relay to power the reverse - as advised.

I have searched for similar posts but came up zero.

I have also tried a number of different wiring connections but keep blowing fuses or burning wired.

Can someone PLEASE help me with this?


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