Introduction of chozian

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Introduction of chozian

In the left corner, hailing from Meridianville, AL and weighing in at around 200 lbs, the heavyweight champion of the world, CHOZIAN!

... crowd goes wild ...

I kid, I kid ... :P

I found a link to this forum site from an electric scooter mod that someone had posted on another site. So, I thought I'd come check it out to expand my reach with the community.

I've been in the custom ride ons hobby for a little under 1 1/2 years now (toy ride ons). It is a great stress reliever and my children love it. I have around 35 toy ride on vehicles, 7 electric recreational scooters, 1 mobility scooter, and 1 electric mini motorcycle. Not only do my children enjoy riding Power Wheels, but I do too! :P

I host the Custom Ride Ons (CRO) site and am a moderator on the Modified Power Wheels forums. I occasionally drop into the Modified Electric Scooters forums as well.

I'm looking forward to reading about the mods on here and to contribute where I can.

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