Finding a 24v motor controller with reverse.

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Finding a 24v motor controller with reverse.

I need to replace a 20 year old burnt out motor controller from a mobility scooter. I want to know the best place on line to purchase it from as I am in Ontario Canada and advise on which one would work for what I need?
The motor is a 4 brush, 22v/15 amp motor. It works fine on the bench and is reversible. I will be using 2-12v/31ah batteries. I am looking for a good, economical and simple controller that will give me variable speed and reverse.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Finding a 24v motor controller with reverse.

I have a Lark mobility scooter and my controller went too. I used a small Curtis reversing contactor and and old Curtis 1204 I was going to trow out. What good would it do for me when most of vehicles are 48 to 192 volt pack voltages. The only problem is when both coils are released as in no forward or reverse, it tends to stop fast quickly. It is bigger in size but I know it will never burn out. I hang mine outside plastic trunk and mount contactor inside. I also removed battery charger and use a Pihsiang automatic charger. My only expense was contactor for 24 volt for I had used chargers and controllers laying around.


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Re: Finding a 24v motor controller with reverse.

Hi, check out 4qd controllers (England) I have one in my boat that I've used for years. I tried 3 other controllers that were smaller (space constraint) but this week put the 'ol 4qd back in. Its joystick control
no relays, wide voltage range adjustable WITHOUT USING A COMPUTER INTERFACE. they make various models. the one I have is the pro 150 I think. Good luck

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