EVT 168 2nd hand, battery query

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EVT 168 2nd hand, battery query

Heya! First time posting here :)

I recently bought a second hand EVT 168. I'm based in the UK. I'm loving the little thing, but I seem to have a range of only 10 miles, after fully charging for 6 hours. This is purely with economy setting, no lights apart from the odd indicator, and I'm 13 1/2 stone, and not carrying anything apart from riding gear. I don't know much about bikes, yet alone electric ones, but I picked this up for commuting after my car hideously failed it's MOT.

The model is the UK 2003 one, and going by the partial service history, they are the original batteries. I take it this sounds like just old, naff batteries? Also, I'm looking at the yuasa NP38-12I batteries to replace the ones that came with it, are there any better alternatives without having to modify the bike?

Thanks in advance for any help and advice!


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