MX500 to MX2000+ MONSTER DIRT BIKE BUILD (MY1020 48V to 60V rewind)

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In Summary: I've been obsessed with making "monster" bike that have roughly 10-20 min of ride time MAX but with AWESOME power.

So far I've succeeded in my endeavors and have actually "nailed" down my modifications of MX500's and MX650s' into about a 2 hour conversion process (from stock to dual monster motors, batteries, controllers etc etc.)

What I ran into NOW is the following:

MY first "experiment" used 2 48V 1000W MY1020 (TNCSCOOTERS) motors, 5 12V 22Ah Batteries and 1 ZY-KK70 60V 60A-100A (180A burst?) controller.

This thing has immense amounts of power and really screams. (however I'm still using the #25 chain (rated @ 140lbs max I believe) and keep stretching).
The chain stretched up until the point when my buddy, unbeknownst to him, had the chain "pop" off the top motor after the bike literally threw him off on a quick throttle twist... and he got back on and kept riding...

Subsequently the controller was slamming the (max 48V 27.6A) lower motor with up to 100+ amps for the next 5 minutes of riding...

You guessed it, the motor officially burned out (only 1) a winding and was officially toast.

Now, you might think, for the mere $80 cost of a new "throw-away" motor I would just move on in life... but after reading this forum and (from my Engineering background of over 10 years) I've decided to re-wire this motor to officially handle 60V.

In summary: I stopped by a local rewind shop, got a quote for $270 to rewind it, said "can I do it myself for fun?" and they ran their calculations, gave me a bucket of 22gage magnet wire and said "have fun!"

I realize this is a "familiar topic" from a year or more ago with a 500W motor (Safe, I think you had this topic thoroughly covered in that specific region) but this is with a 1000W motor.

"Stock" 1000W 48V motor setup MEASURED specs:
3000 rpm (@ 48V)
20 Gage Wire
15 Turns
20 "coils"
20 "Commutator points"

Since they were out of 20 Gage I picked up a bucket of 22 Gage and decided to have fun.

The computer said for 60V "conversion" to use:

19 Turns

I will try to squeeze Dual 22 Gage runs for each coil.

Aside from not having epoxy or a balancing machine, the "wafers" that keep the finished coils inside their channels, and varnish for the final product, I'm going to give it a shot.

My question for everyone here is, am I crazy? could I be wasting my time?
Will the final product be worth the effort in keeping the rpm's back down to 3000 and lowing the chance of overheating.

Thanks for any / everyone's input.

My 2000W (up to 6,000 watt burst) Monster Toy. :)

By gyrixx at 2011-09-25

The beginning of the rewind:

Uploaded with

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Joined: 10/11/2011
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Re: MX500 to MX2000+ MONSTER DIRT BIKE BUILD (MY1020 48V to ...

First wind complete, 1 more to go. Man my fingers are sore!

I had to cut the wire, because I messed up in the middle of this wind, will this be a problem if I carefully attached it to the tab and continued the run?

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