Bionx, full suspension and rear disc brakes

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Bionx, full suspension and rear disc brakes

Am currently researching full suspension mountain bikes that I can use the 350XL with 48v battery that would mount to the bottom tube brazens (mounted to the bottom of the tube). Am wondering if a canon fiber frame with the brazens would be strong enough to hang the battery. The bike would be either a Trek or Santa Cruz.

Also, is it possible to use a disc brake on the rear wheel? Anyone that might have answers would be welcome to reply.

alan in tempe
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Re: Bionx, full suspension and rear disc brakes

Standard sized disk brakes should be no problem. Can't speak to whether brazens are up to the stress of hanging the battery upside down from them. If I were doing that, I might add a tight nylon strap around the pack and the tube for insurance. Might also want to be careful with spray as the connectors will be more exposed to the grime being lower to the ground with no tube for deflection.

-- Alan

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