Custom made bike 4000w+ hub motor need info

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Custom made bike 4000w+ hub motor need info

Im interested in making a bike, not sure what voltage battery to use, i want to know what volt is best for power/economy, and what amp controller to use. What size battery etc.. I want it to eival the stealth bomber rangin at approx 80km and 80kph.

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Re: Custom made bike 4000w+ hub motor need info

For 80km range and 80km/h you would have to go to 72V and at least 60Ah. If you have any intention of doing both at the same time, i.e. 80km at 80km/h, even 60Ah would be a little on the small side for such a ride. 100Ah would be safer.
You will need a 5 continuous to 8kW peak Motor (with just a 4kW motor it would be more of a struggle to get to 80km/h), and a controller that can deliver more than 200A peak, 300 to 350A peak would be better, and at least 100A continuous, 150A would be better.

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