how does 24v 4-wire reversible motor work?

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how does 24v 4-wire reversible motor work?

i have a mobility scooter (JP Cruiser - HCF305) that has a 24v motor with four wires. One heavy gauge red, one black. one light gauge red, one black. the scooter has a forward, neutral, reverse (F-N-R)switch that i think is broke. the motor only runs one direction. the F-N-R switch routes thru the electric controller box. the 4 wires to the motor come out of the controller. my question is what do the motors 4 wires do? FYI, the F-R-N switch is 3 wires to the controller. the switch also has a hot wire from the key switch. what do the F-R-N 3 wires do? thanks for your help, i need to get my mobility back.

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Re: how does 24v 4-wire reversible motor work?

I'm no expert but I think the two heavy gauge wires are your power wires that get their polarity reversed within the controller and the two smaller gauge wires are for braking the motor when the power is shut off.
If it is not reversing but does run in one direction, I would say its probably a controller issue rather than a motor problem. Try bench testing the motor by hooking it up directly to a power supply and then simply reverse the two power wires to see if it reverses.
Hope this helps.

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Re: how does 24v 4-wire reversible motor work?

I tried hooking up 24vdc to the motor directly, it did nothing, I hooked up positive to the thick red wire, and negative to the thick black wire, I still have two small black wire that are not connected? Should I apply voltage to the small wires? I notice under normal operation I hear a click like a relay inside the motor assemble..?

juan piedra

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