temperature calculation on Canbus

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At first i'd like to appologize me for my poor english but I think we will work this out.

I could say that I have a lot of experience in analysing the canbus of cars, trucks etc.

At this moment I am reverse engineering the canbus from a Vectrix VX-1.
I did found a lot of ID's and in the future I'll share them with you.

I only have a problem with the calculation of the temperature of the batteries.
In Cars and trucks you have to devide the hexcode by two minus 40 so you can read out the temperature in °C ( this is Belgium you know)

If I do this by a vectrix cancode and I compare them with the values that i can read with the service software I have , the values are not correct.

Does anyone knows the formula?

many thanks

greetings from belgium

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Re: temperature calculation on Canbus

Welcome to the forum!

You might find some info which you have not figured out yet for yourself in the Vectrix Collaborative Handbook.

I did a bit of Vectrix Canbus analysis, but without any background knowledge on how to program etc. Nevertheless, I managed to figure out quite a bit: Speed, throttle position, time, current draw, battery voltage, battery temperature, charging current.

With your experience you will no doubt find much more that can be of use.

ID00FEF64D= Front Batt Temp: xx/xx/TM5/TM4/TM9/TM8/TM6/TM7
ID00FEF64E= Rear Batt Temp: xx/xx/TM2/TM1(A)/TM12(1B)/TM11/TM3/TM10

I cannot remember how to interpret the temp data, but I think it is somewhere in this thread: http://visforvoltage.org/book/ev-collaborative-hand-books/6916

Good luck with it.


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Re: temperature calculation on Canbus

Hi Mik,

I use the handbook as a base to start.

I did read these code already ; there's a lot of candata in the thread but If someone has more detailled information i'm glad to hear that.

Like I told before , if I'm sure that the ID's are correct I will share them with you all.

By the way is there some-one who has the service manual on f.e. pdf?

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Re: temperature calculation on Canbus

Hey Kristof..

good to see a fellow Belgian in this forum :-)

I got a service manual if you didn't get it yet.

just send me a mail.. dirk at turok dot be



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