National Bike Summit 2012 - Save Cycling!

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National Bike Summit 2012 - Save Cycling!

In 2010, $700 million of Federal transportation funds were spent on bicycling and walking. In 2012, that figure might be a big fat zero. Dedicated federal funding for bicycling projects and programs has transformed towns, cities and states by enabling them to build trails, stripe lanes and install parking for bicyclists; to deliver bike education and encouragement programs; to hire staff; and adopt ambitious plans to get more people on bikes more often. Those plans are finally starting to bear fruit. Unfortunately, some powerful Members of Congress want to strip away these programs and return to the days when bicycling was simply ignored. Even the popular and successful Safe Routes to School program is under attack.

Don't let Congress turn back the clock on decades of hard-fought progress towards creating a more bicycle-friendly America. Join us at the 2012 National Bike Summit to help defend these critical programs -- just when America needs them the most. We Need You at the 2012 National Bike Summit!

Help Save Cycling.

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