How to put a dc speed control on my dc motor

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How to put a dc speed control on my dc motor

Hey guys, Im new to this forum and don't really know where to post this. I am building a prototype for a project and I am making use of a dc motor that I had laying around, (funds are short). The motor came off of a lawn lower similar to this one . All I really know is that it is 4 hp. What I want to do it is be able to control the speed without losing torque. I also want the motor to be able to run plugged into a regular wall socket. Its original use was designed this way. Im guessing I would need some sort of control? Can Someone please help me with this. Is there anything else that I need to know to be able to do this?

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Re: How to put a dc speed control on my dc motor

What exactly are you try to control? Why the need for torque? Do you want it to be used on AC mostly or battery pack sometimes? Industrial motor speed controllers use AC and can be varied and can give boost for torque at low speeds. DC speed controllers do it by just increasing speed or field control. I increase speed on my tractor via field weakening and increase torque via increasing armature current. BTW the 4 Hp is peak ponies not real HP. One HP is about 746 watts. When cutting grass wet grass hard to cut grass and pushing it through putting a real load on motor and waiting for circuit breaker to blow is one way to see if it is 1 1/2 HP or even two Hp. No one makes a 2 Hp 120 volt motor, I mean a real 2HP. That is 1500 watts continuous. Plus maybe a tad more for full load. I use a Sears exercise machine speed control for most of my universal motors. I think it might work on DC since there is no transformer on it so maybe you can check on similar controllers. Depending on what you need a motor for determines what type of motor. I used a tread mill motor for an air compressor and it lasted almost a week. It was supposed to be 2 Hp.


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