transmission or no transmission

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transmission or no transmission

I'm looking into using a harley style chassis, and have a transmission and belt drive primary/clutch. Saw the one that used it, and am wondering what everyone else thinks? See the video

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Re: transmission or no transmission

Kind of a wince-inducing video, but that's certainly an interesting bike. I'm personally a firm believer in using a geared or CVT transmission of some sort. I see manufacturer after manufacturer try to get both low-end torque and highway speeds from hubmotors and direct-drive motors, and not really succeed. The bikes that come closest have torque that would embarrass a 150cc scooter rider, and top speeds usually below 70MPH. Or below 60. Or 50... I've seen car conversions that use the existing transmissions, and they usually need only one or two or three of the gears. This means it should be possible to find (or build) a compact, light, three speed transmission that would provide plenty of power to the rear wheel at any sane speed, not unlike that Harley. How big and heavy is the Harley unit?

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Re: transmission or no transmission

A hub motor is more efficient but you will need to go with a transmission for a bike that big. I saw a Japanese car that had 8 100hp hub motors on it, giving the car 8 wheels on the ground,with 100hp each! I don't know where you can get those motors but that would definitely do the trick! A hub motor that would work for you is not available yet I don't think. I would focus on a transmission for now. Again, the most important thing is to factor in is how you will use it. What do you expect from it performance wise. Speed and torque? Go transmission. Range and quiet operation? Think hub motor.
Just my opinion.

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Re: transmission or no transmission

In some quarters Brammo is getting criticism because they're planning to use a 6-speed transmission on their 2012 bikes. Of course part of the criticism is that this caused them to delay production by a year rather than start selling the Empulse in 2011 as originally promised. But some of the criticism is along the lines of electric vehicles don't need a transmission so why is Brammo doing this?

Okay, sure, whatever you want to believe. I have an electric motorcycle with no transmission and would really like it if when the bike got to 45 miles/hr I could switch to another gear and get a higher top speed.

Doing the conversion without transmission is simpler.

My car is a great example - as noted in this thread, many electric car conversions use the stock transmission. I start the car in 2nd gear and depending on conditions of when/where I am I'll shift up to 3rd or even 4th as needed. 3rd is for the expressways, 4th for the highways. It makes a big difference

And it's easy to see this if you look at a motor efficiency chart. The peak efficiency is a small part of the chart, and while the motor can operate at other RPM's it's peak efficiency is in a particular range. A transmission helps.

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Re: transmission or no transmission

First post here.
Anyone know where to get a decent transmission for motorcycles?

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