Will this Chinese e-car make a hit?

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Will this Chinese e-car make a hit?

The alleged Chinese leading manufacturer of diverse products (rechargeable batteries to EV), BYD, once missed its e6’s consumer-sale in 2010 for North America and now it is into another attempt that intends to jump start the public availability of its pure electric sedan e6 featuring a full range of 190miles before the next charge. But if you’ve threw a glance to BYD’s official page on Facebook, you’ll notice there is another new EV model E1 for 2012, say ‘Sport’ style. Also, BYD has been launching a campaign costing totally 20,000 dollars for the two models on the page. Unfortunately, we cant get plenty of details about E1, although e6 seems much accessible via pictures and spec intro both on BYD’s page or website.

To be clear, it’s not only BYD that has postponed its EV model’s sale schedule, same selling-crimp happening to BMW’s ‘i’ series and so forth. But BYD has rolled out its e6 called e6-Pineeror for private purchasers in China since the end of last month, which is fixed with its self-developed intellectual cloud-data system and each unit sold eligible for 120,000RMB ($18,900 or so) subsidy granted by Chinese government.

Last year, worldwide sales passed two million just as to the hybrid hatchback even in the condition of global economic slowdown. Will the positive trend be on end? And will e6, the longest range (as labeled) e-car shape up in the coming 2012? There is no insurance indeed, but what really can be ensured is, this company’s ready to be involved in an intense universal EV war and thus far, BYD’s global strategy has turned to be more transparent after its opening for North America Headquarters in LA in Oct.

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