Did I lost one cell voltage?

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Did I lost one cell voltage?

I hope someone can help me with my next problem/question.
About 7 month ago I build my first E-bike, useing a Goldenmotor hubmotor (48V 1500W) and a LifePo4 batterypack (48V 20Ah) from V-power.
After about 15-20 charge cycles I noticed the battery-voltage went about 3.3V lower. And the power is also lower. This happend after I repaired a broke powercable.
If I am correct, the battery-pack contain 16 cells in series. Next to the two powerlines, also 15 smaller lines are exiting the battery-pack and are connected to the BMS. I measured the voltages between the B- powerline and the 15 smaller lines: 0V, 3.3V, 6.5V, 9.8V, 13.1V, 16.4V, 19.7V, 23V, 26.3V, 29.6V, 32.9V, 36.1V, 39.4V, 42.7V, 46.0V.
The total battery pack voltage is 49.3V.
Are this normal values? I expected to measure 16 cell voltages, but I only measure 15.
So I suspect I lost one cell voltage.
I hope someone can confirm my suspicion about losing one cell voltage.

Kind regards tdibertje

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