Battery can't go the distance? :P

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Battery can't go the distance? :P

hey all, im pretty new to the whole forum thing so feel free to laugh at my mistakes.

my problem: i have a 500W 36V brushless motor and the original controller i was supplied with (they came in a kit). and i have just purchased (about 3 months ago) 3x CSB 12V 15AH "Electric Vehicle Model" batteries (obviously equalling 36V), i am using the charger i had with my previous batteries that were 12AH (all other specs the same). ok so details established, my batteries are lucky to last an hour and a half. when charged they are up around 39V and when under load the voltage drop is next to nothing (like from 39.4V to 39.2V), so internal resistance isnt a problem (initially) and they seem to be charging just fine, i cant understand where my problem is here and i think i might cry :P so much money spent for more run time and i have less :(.

someone please help with any information you can provide at all. thanks in advance.

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