Hi All ( noob here ) Did i get a good deal? And tech question

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Hi All ( noob here ) Did i get a good deal? And tech question

Hello Everybody-
Newbie to EV ( scooters ) and just wanted to say Hello.
Also, wanted to ask if I got a good deal on my scooter. I purchased the EZIP 450 with a 2 year bumper to bumper warranty for $220 USD, not including tax. It came with two SLA, 12 volt ( 10ah batteries ) and a 450 watt ( brush) chain driven motor. Its the less expensive EZIP, but weight wise its lighter than the 500 on up to the 1000 Stealth. It go's 15 MPH and has a range of 8 miles. So, far I have taken all the plastics / chain guards and what-not OFF to lighten my load as much as possible. The thing is zippy and quick and I like it alot.

Tech Q: The range is what I want more.. I happen to have another 12V ( 10AH )batt and wanted to wire this which will give me 36 volt , 10AH if wired in series? If I wire in Parallal, my voltage will be 12V, but will give 30AH? Is this right? You have link to better understand this? So, I'm reluctant to add the extra battery because it could fry the 450W motor or the controller. But, then I read of another guy that did it and didnt hurt anything because its fused? Or the motor has certain cut out switches that will shut it down if it gets to much power. If I can find the specs on the controller and the motor what would I look for to determine if the motor / controller can handle it?


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