4000Li - Passed 6000 mile mark

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Re: 4000Li - Passed 6000 mile mark

That's awesome!! 19231km!!

My low voltage cut-off is 60v and no I have not ever hit it. The lowest voltage I've ever seen was this morning at -8.3°c where I hit 68.7v. Even after 81km and 46Ah I was still sitting on 76v at rest and about 69v at any load so I drove very gently home.

If your 40Ah cells have 3.15v at rest then they are VERY close to their maximum discharge capacity. Without a BMS if you ride with this sort of voltage you run the risk of one cell collapsing to 0v and you may still have over 60v.

It took me a lot of effort to get that 81km trying to keep power under 4000w and sticking to the 50km/h zones. With an extra 4000w to call on it is such a temptation.

eRider 8000w Scooter - PDT Version
72v 50AH CHL battery
350A Sevcon controller

24km: Delivered - 24 September 2011
2490km: Installed dual 35w HID lights Bi-Xenon Projectors - 27 November 2011
8313km: Installed BMS -


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