My Bionx motor has a broken motor cable

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My Bionx motor has a broken motor cable

Last weekend during a ride in the neighbor hill, my PL350HT XL SL failed, it turns out that the motor cable was worn and broken by the bolt heads of the brake disk, two of the bolts is also missing. I wonder if anyone who has the Bionx kit with disk brake installed? The point where the cable comes out of the motor is very close to the bolts which fix the brake disk, when the wheel turns, the head of the bolt is most likely to wear off the protecting rubber tube of the cable, and eventually break the motor cable.

The next problem is how to fix it? one has to open the motor and replace the cable. If the problem can not be fixed, I wonder if the motor is available separately?

It is a shame that I just installed the PL350HT XL SL installed on my Dahon JXP in October, and have rode the bike only several times since then.

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