No power from battery

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No power from battery

I bought a xb-700li about 4 months ago and it ran just fine for most of that time. One afternoon when I came home on it, I popped it up on the center stand and the electrical system shut off. I contacted tech support and sent the battery and charger back for testing. The charger was ok'd and the battery was replaced and both were sent back to me.

Charged and connected, the new battery hasn't changed the situation. I tested the battery myself, and it is good. I looked into the wiring, but I can't pinpoint the problem.

The bike systems all operate just fine when I have it plugged into AC, but I get nothing when its on battery. I've narrowed the problem to the speed control unit (and about 4 inches of the battery power wires coming from it). XB tech support has been less than helpful in resolving this and I don't have the money to ship the whole bike anywhere for repairs. I'm hoping someone here can help with this issue. Thank you.

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