Personal Rover - the four wheeler electric scooter with ski-like action

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Personal Rover - the four wheeler electric scooter with ski-like action

They describe it as:

Urban – Suburban – Off Road. Green, ecologically clean, intuitive controls personal
transportation device – Personal Rover.
The uniquely designed, patent pending, Personal Rover electric transportation vehicle allows navigational turns by simply tilting the body to the left or right. It is very easy to ride and anyone at any age can ride it within a minutes! The experience is very similar to slalom skiing, with the same exciting feelings of freedom and speed.

The two foldable ski pole-style handles provide safety, support, and give this electric transportation vehicle a very unique, futuristic look, completely different in appearance from standard T-handles of common kick scooters and bicycles. There is no embarrassment factor for adults like when riding a childish-looking scooter with a common T-shaped handle bar. ... The 800 watt electric motor and 36V lead-acid rechargeable battery can push Personal Rover up to 12 miles on a single charge with a maximum speed of up to 15mph. Whether you're off-road or on urban pavement, riding the Personal Rover electric transportation vehicle is real fun!

What makes Personal Rover even more unique is a rear, removable platform with 4 small caster wheels that allow for vertical transportation and compact storage in a corner of your home or office.

For example, if you need to enter a building with Personal Rover, simply place it in the vertical position, and push it into the elevator, then down the hallway and into your home or office. Then just leave your Personal Rover in the vertical position for compact footprint until you need to take it outside for the next ride. The optional cover will make it blend into your interior resembling a natural part of a modern urban habitat.


Weight: 90 lbs
Length: 43"
Width: 20"
Handles height: 45"
Wheel diameter: 10"
Battery: 36V 12Ah Lead Acid
Motor: 800 Watts
Max. Distance: 12 miles
Max. Speed: 15 mph
Estimated Charge Time: 4-8 hours
Shipping size: coming soon
Shipping weight: coming soon
Frame materials: Steel & Aluminum
Max. Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
Suggested Age: 13 and up
Auto Power Shut Off warning feature
Optional Cargo Box and Storage Cover

This video is for an off-road test ... I'm not impressed by this

Instructional video

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