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Hey folks. Well been awhile since I've been to or posted to the forum. Just busy with things you know. Anyway, those who recall who I am and my interests know that I have the XB600 scoot and also posted my electric kayak on here...that I fabricated to be electric. Well, I sold the kayak and moved on to my own version of the ELECTRIC Colorado Pontoon boat. Made for a trolling motor to clamp on the back I of course had to modify it to foot steering with a cable system and move the motor controls to the sitting area...and she works like a dream! But, hold on! Now I've got her on craigslist for sale because I loved that little boat with inflatable pontoons so much that I wanted a bigger pontoon boat. Found the "Mitey Toon" online and just had to have it. Owner of the company conceived it from beginning to be electric powered, in the simplest way with a clamp on trolling motor and I've not changed it...yet! Anyway, great little boat and beats all the competitors by better pontoon design (alum. hexagon shape) and less expensive yet comes complete with battery, motor, bimini top, lights, etc.! Not trying to do any ad for Mitey Toon but it's just the best design and deal around on these boats and the company owner even delivered my boat all the way from Duluth, MN to my home in Florida...since he was delivering two more to Lake City, FL. Nice folks making a great little boat. Anyway, just thought I'd share my newest "electric" toys with you all in the included photos.

Happy Scooting...and electric boating!

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Re: my electric boats

Having used a trolling motor and compact battery with rental rowboats at state parks and the like, I envy you. Especially the aluminum boat!

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