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Battery Help

Wasn't sure of the best place to post but here goes.

I have a pdq power trike (
Currently Im using the lead acid 36v 7ah battery. But it dead.

I want to get the 36V 13ah Lithium-Ion Battery, but it £450 !

Im thinking can I just use something else ? Like this 36V 10ah Lithium-Ion battery from ebay, as its £235 ???

I could convert the plug to fit as its a kettle plug that goes into the trike. But Im not sure on the 13ah and 10ah ??

Anyone know about batteries ?


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Re: Battery Help

I converted a 48 volt 10 AH scooter to 60 volt 20 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate and it works ok. Maybe better than OK. Weight savings is great but range is greatly increased because of AH is bigger.You shouldn't have any problems in your case. WhenI use a 36 volt Embi scooter, again I just connect a 36 volt LiFePO4 pack on connector two and get back home. It has two battery positions. Main and back up. As for charging make sure you have a good nice BMS. Speed control "controller" should have a little give and take for "range of voltage" but it doesn't care about AH or capacity of pack. My XM-3000 has spare Anderson plug and sometimes I throw a spare 60 volt pack in parallel with it to get home too. Amp meter is pegged for 5 minutes so wires do get a bit warm but nothing bad yet.
You sound good for what you want to do. Changing connectors is nothing.


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