Lithium iron battery Lifepo4 for EV,long cycle life

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Lithium iron battery Lifepo4 for EV,long cycle life

HIPOWER lifepo4 pack 1.jpg

HIPOWER LiFePo4 battery advantages:
No memory effect. Can stand high current
Lifespan 2000 times on 80%DOD
Small size. Light weight(1/4 of Lead-Acid battery)
Maintenance free. No explosion. No fire
Good performance in low/high temperature (-20 degree~+70 degree)
No toxicity, no heavy metal LEAD pollution

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Re: Lithium iron battery Lifepo4 for EV,long cycle life

That LiFePO4 pack look extremely neat and sharp looking. But what about BMS? All the dozens or hundreds of indivdual wires going to BMS. Aren't they needed in a scooter operation. I hope to cut up my frame on my XM-3000 and install Lithium pack but dread the BMS scenerio. The frame is Iron and my Aluminum battery box is aircraft grade alauminum. Then I have to bolt it into exixting frame? I want to have J1772 receptacle and 240 volt charger for Level II charging.Do all LiFePO4 cells / batteries require BMS? I have noticed people who treat the pack right get many years out of them if the BMS works right. Where can I get LiFePO4 cells and not worry about tarrifs and surcharges and delivery charges. Any dealers in USA? I need a good 40 AH pack or even 50 AH pack. I also hope to upgrade to 72 volt Lithium pack since 60 volt seem to do all right for Gel Cell range. So Lithium being light weight and more VA should give me double the range.


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