Sierra Club calling for EV comments on US Green Building Council move to drop LEED credits for EV Charging stations

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Sierra Club calling for EV comments on US Green Building Council move to drop LEED credits for EV Charging stations

I just received this action alert from the Sierra Club ... of course this is focused on U.S. people.

As I understand the idea, LEED credits are used to determine LEED ratings of a building. Usually (I think) that means whether the building uses non-toxic materials, or is well insulated, or whatever.

Have you heard that the US Green Building Council (the group that gives "LEED certification" for green buildings) is proposing to remove the LEED credit for electric vehicle charging units for most new buildings and renovation projects? We think this would be a bad mistake. Several environmental groups spoke up on this in a letter this week.

Will you submit a comment to the USGBC to let them know that you believe that builders and building owners should be rewarded and incentivized for installing EV charging units, and that there are significant environmental and air quality benefits of EVs over conventional vehicles?

The public comment deadline is this Monday, and anyone can comment. I hope you'll join me in commenting today by taking the following steps:

1) Create site user account (only fill in all starred boxes):

2) Comment on the "low emitting and fuel efficient vehicle" subcategory of the Land and Transportation category by going to:

Suggested talking points (but feel free to make it short and sweet):
- I hope that you will reconsider removing the credit for low emitting and fuel efficient vehicles. This credit, proposed to now only apply to schools and warehouses, should be included more broadly in new construction and renovation projects (as has been the case since 2009).
- Why you care about electric vehicles (including whether you own one and why).
- Why you think more EV chargers in buildings will incentivize the EV market.
- A switch to electric vehicles will offer one vital way to reduce emissions and dependence on oil. According to a range of studies, EVs emit 30-60% lower carbon emissions than conventional gas-powered vehicles nationwide, even on today's electric grid sources.
- Now is the time to incentivize this new EV market, and USGBC can play an important role.

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