How to charge my Gio 48v scooter with solar panel?

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How to charge my Gio 48v scooter with solar panel?

Hi, i got a Gio electric scooter who works with 48v battery and with a 500w motor.

I want to buy a lifepo4 battery on ebay... but dont know what battery should i buy... a 20, 25, 30 amp?
And if i check the battery photo:


and the diagram:


where im suppose to plug the discharge cable? i was thinking that the AC plug on the BMS was to plug my scooter battery cable because its the same type of plug/cable.. but what i do with the 2 loose cable for discharge?

Also what is the BMS ? do i need it? what if i directly plug the battery without it?

My second part of this topic is about solar charging...
I found a solar charger capable of 12V with a internal battery of 11200mAh/14.8V
What if i put in serial 4 of them to get a 48v charging current? it is possible?

this is the solar charger i talk about:


and can i directly plug the solar charger on the battery or if i need to use a charger between the battery and the solar charger?

please send me our suggestion and answer to how make my project realistic...


The lifepo4 battery

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Re: How to charge my Gio 48v scooter with solar panel?

There is NO "A.C." plug, or connection, to the BMS! -- Only D.C. should be connected, connecting AC WILL destroy components. Connect the chargers DC output to that connection, with correct polarity. Load, or the motor, connects to the 2 red and black wires.

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Re: How to charge my Gio 48v scooter with solar panel?

This is an old forum but I'd like to put in my two-cents for any future readers out there that are going green.

I have a 24v ebike. The ac charger failed which happens sooner or later with all ac transformers due to the erratic form of electricity (ac) and the incredible conversion of 110v alllll the way down to 24v (or whatever voltage your bike is).

Here's what works:
Buy a solar panel charger that handles whatever your battery is rated as. If you have the money, get an mppt charger (no big deal if you simply use a pwm which is what I've been using). The project conversion is simple:
1.) Remove the charging portion of your battery case.
2.) locate the positive and negative wires and connect them to your solar charger.
3.) connect your solar panels to the solar charger (in my case I connected two 100w panels in series to 24v)
4.) End of story. Now simply keep the panels connected preferably with a cut-off switch (use and old light switch or something), but it's not totally is safer though while you fiddle around to connect the battery to the charger. I simply have my wire nuts at the end of the wires that are labelled with a + and - and the battery case already has their wiring labelled via colour red and black. more buying over-priced cases that no longer exist (i.e. my stupid 24v leeIasomething ebike).

***HOWEVER, if anyone has the battery case available for my stupid 24v bike I'm interested! LOL It sure is convenient to be able to plug in anywhere you go. Luckily I'm old so never do a traverse very far and it's always reluctantly that I do so.

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