Electric Bikes Promise to end Fuel Price and Congestion Woes, say 50cycles.com

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Electric Bikes Promise to end Fuel Price and Congestion Woes, say 50cycles.com

>>>>NOTE: This is a press release ... liked the comment about "relaxed about wearing acres of day-glo Lycra"

LONDON, March 23, 2012/PRNewswire/ --

Cycling's been on the rise for years but it's electric bikes that are gaining ground as fuel approaches GBP1.50 per litre. The prospect of sitting in traffic while burning your way through a growing fortune in petrol or diesel has lost its appeal for many facing an average daily commute of 6 miles or less. So a new breed of commuter is using technology that's leaving drivers, passengers and even other cyclists trailing behind.

Scott Snaith of 50cycles.com [http://www.50cycles.com ] says "our Kalkhoff electric bicycles [http://www.50cycles.com/section.htm?section=electric- ] bikes are so popular because they're actually one of the most convenient and economical ways to travel. When people weigh up sitting in a car or standing on public transport against electric cycling, the potent combination of exercise, enjoyment and economy you get on our bikes is compelling. All this for less than a year's worth of fuel or a season ticket."

Unpowered bikes are great if you're super fit, in no big hurry or relaxed about wearing acres of day-glo Lycra. Electric bikes encouraging a new and broader range of cyclists to take to the roads.

Tim Snaith of 50cycles electric bike shop [http://www.50cycles.com ] in Richmond observes "there's no such thing as a typical customer coming into our London shop for their free e-bike consultation and test ride. We're as likely to see senior citizens as city workers these days, as well as people who've retired to the country or have stayed in the city and need a reliable means of transporting their kids, their shopping and themselves safely and without hassle. Sure, they go for different sorts of bikes, but it's the idea of electric assistance that brings them here."

Mike Sandford bought his Kalkhoff Agattu electric bike [http://www.50cycles.com/product.htm?product=kalkhoff-agattu-c8-impulse ] to continue riding into his seventies. As an official for the London Marathon, he'modified his electric bicycle to precisely measure the course distance before last year's race. "It is perfect for this," Mike says, "because it flattens the hills and overcomes the wind. I no longer get tired and very slow as I did in my 60s. When I worked I had daily commute of nine miles each way. I did not then know about electrically-assisted bikes so I drove our second car. I now realise that with a good electric bike I could have had a 40-minute commute, arrived fresh ready for the office and saved a packet of money."

There are now thousands of Kalkhoff owners riding Britain's roads and hundreds of thousands across Europe. Nearly 90,000 such bikes were sold across Germany last year alone.

"There are almost as many reasons for owning one as there are electric bikes. Far from being a niche product they are the all-round transport solution almost anyone can use. We are seeing the early signs that electric bikes are set to become general purpose vehicles that every household can use and enjoy. The price of fuel is a strong motivator to look for better ways of doing the things you have to do," says Tim.

Scott Snaith adds ''I think the most rewarding part of our business is that our products are literally life-changing for many of our individual customers. On a national level they help reduce congestion on the roads and motivate people to get active. Tonnes of CO2 go unreleased, pounds of fat disappear. It's all much better than sitting in traffic, feeling resentful about the frustration and expense."

For more information or to arrange a test ride please visit our website http://www.50cycles.com

Contact: Scott Snaith, email - scott [at] 50cycles.com, +44-(0)1509-217-775

Source: 50cycles.com

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Re: Electric Bikes Promise to end Fuel Price and Congestion ...

Kalkhoff are one of the most respected bicycle brands here in Germany, and also strong in the E-bike segment. I DO wonder why the E-thing is working with traditional bicycle manufacturers, but not with traditional scooter or motorcycle manufactureres???

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