XM-3150 Throttle

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XM-3150 Throttle

Anyone have suggestions for a replacement throttle for an X-Treme Scooters XM-3150? I have been calling X-treme scooters parts dept. for a month and they do not return my calls.

I have an XB-502 that I swapped the throttle over from but it doesn't appear to have the correct voltage? It's all good till I twist the throttle ... even the smallest bit ... there is a soft "thunk" in the wheel hub-motor and and I nothing beyond that.

Any ideas?

Also, does anyone use this forum anymore? I noticed that my last post about this bike crashing is just a few posts down the list...

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Re: XM-3150 Throttle


I am one of the [possibly few] others on this group. I have had a pair of Bladez XTR-S hub scooters for a couple of years -- then found they are not legal on any street in NYS.

I bought a 6-speed mountain bike, with a hub motor 3 months ago [E-Wheels 475-Li] with the understanding it was legal in 50 states, because it had working pedals. I have searched for an OEM LiFePO4 battery, 36 V 10 AH, but can not find one. I want to be able to double my range -- IF NYS signs the pending bill to allow the electric bikes.

FYI, there is a guy on here planning to do a group LiFePO4 Li battery purchase, to share shipping and quantity pricing. I need to look into that deal -- though an OEM battery, with locking case, with DC out connector to fit my bike would be much btter. I can not find name of company who made this battery for E-Wheels.

The LiFePO$ batteries are amazing. Very safe, small, light-weight [just expensive! ha ha].

EWheels EW475 eBike LiFePO4 36 V 10 AH Bat

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Re: XM-3150 Throttle

I use to work for X-treme Scooters but don't any more.

But here is the part # XM3150-410

Call Crystal at extension 123

Cost is 32.00

You can leave a message for her and she always returns my calls.

"The one and only Scooter that has a 100 mile charge while maintaining 65 mph.


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Re: XM-3150 Throttle

Are you SURE that the throttle is the only problem? Broken/loose/damaged motor or controller wiring can ALSO cause you motor problems! CAREFULLY check it out!

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