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PHEV---plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
PHV---plug-in hybrid vehicle
LiFePO4 battery--Lithium iron phosphate battery
KWH= 1KW x 1 Hour =1 A x 1V x 1Hour
24v,liFePO4 battery,HIPOWER.jpg

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Re: HEV, KWH=KWxHours

Regarding the KWH, your math is WRONG! ---1 KWH = 1 volt X 1,000 amps for one hour would be correct!--1 volt X 1 amp for one hour is only ONE watt-hour!(Or, at typical electric vehicle levels, 10 amps at 100 volts for one hour= one kilowatt-hour.) As an example, at highway speed, of 60 mph, my Vectrix needs 50 amps, at 125 volts, for one hour, or 6.25 KWH-about TWICE what is actually available from the stock ni-mh battery! (Therefore, maximum operation TIME as given, would be only 1/2 hour, with a 30 mile range, at 60 mph.)

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