How to monitor a ping battery

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How to monitor a ping battery

Since I have upgraded my old lashout to a 1,000 watt motor working off a 48v 20ah ping I haven't had any way to monitor the battery condition. Would something like this work? ?

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Re: How to monitor a ping battery

That should work ok but I used this.
and if it doesn't show up it is item Number 190634024263 in search field. I am using it on my bike since I am lazy now. Just two wires and I keep track of voltage at full charge and justs lights and normal riding and most of all a steep up hill ride. What is nice about the meter it seem to work from 36ish volt to 120 volt and only two wires. Yor can't beat the price and simplicity of installation. my 60 volt packs stays about 56 to 63 volt range always. I am ordering another one for my radio gear, 48 volt inverter / DC converter setup for field day.The dealer I got mine from was ci_tynight209 on eBay but it now shows up as GB sales and they will accept USD.


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