Electrict Scooter has voltage, but no go.

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Electrict Scooter has voltage, but no go.

I transported a working eGo Classic 2 on a trailer across town and now it is not running. It was not a rough ride by any means. Each battery measures 12.5V and together 25V. The charger outputs 27.7V. The main capacitor is holding 25V. Relay (if that matters) tests fine. The main 40A fuse is good, as is another 12V fuse (probably for the head/tail lights).
When I turn the key (go fast/far), I hear the 'click' in the controller. The first two lights on the LED voltmeter blink back-and-forth. Throttle does nothing. No go. Any ideas? Anyone know what those two LEDs blinking mean? Thanks!

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Re: Electrict Scooter has voltage, but no go.

I know it's been a while but folks tend to hold onto there eGO.
Output of charger sounds a little low, but on the Lanpower chargers should be read sporadically over maybe an hour. should be up around 28-29v to be considered good. There should NOT be any 40 amp fuses anywhere in the system, should be 10amp, 12a max. The "click" you hear should be the contactor (silver can) making connection. First two light segments mean batteries are low ( your readings above confirm this) Healthy pack voltage should be around 26+v. If you mean the two left hand segments of the round circular battery gauge in the dash blinking, then the system is telling you the batteries are really low.
Sorry took so long for response, just got back into this site. You can check out eGO website for further help.
Good luck

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