Help with electrical problem??

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Help with electrical problem??

I have had my 450 Luyuan for 3 years now and have just changed batteries. I can't get the same diatance with the new ones that I used to get when my other ones were new. New batteries have been checked and they are ok. I do notice that when I connect the 48 volt fuse on the battery cable it sparks with the key turned off and the button on the handle bars in the off position. I belive that it must be a wiring fault. Has any one have a diagram for this system?? I'm a mechanic but would love a diagram before I start to take it apart. Also it's not right to get this saprk correct???? thankyou.

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Re: Help with electrical problem??

I don't know your scoot and in particular not the controller in there, but I strongly assume the sparking is caused by a big pack of condensers that is usually sitting at the battery +/- terminals of the controller in order to even out the worst current spikes caused by the controller. The fuse is not meant to be switched on and off all the time, and it will eventually fail completely with all that sparking. New batteries, particularly lead types, take quite a few cycles to reach their full potential, so maybe nothing is wrong after all?

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