Diy ebike wiring

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Diy ebike wiring

I am trying my first diy ebike build .i have some 12v 12amp batterys ,and a 250 and 350w motor from electric scooters .
i have some of the wiring from the scooters . i have had to buy a controller and a thumb throttle .
the controller is a 24v 350w model number t2430c jingcheng from petrol scooters .and the thumb throttle is one i bought on ebay
it has power lights but only 4 wires .i have tried conecting everything but nothing appears to work .the red,green and black wires from the throttle are staight foward conection but i only have a yellow wire for the power display and the obvious conection on the controller has 2 wires .can someone help with my problems please.

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Re: Diy ebike wiring

Hi Steve,

It's pretty hard to debug the wiring without details. I would contact the manufacturer and see if they can give you a wiring diagram. I have done a DIY e-bike with some issues, but had great support from Grin in Vancouver, so it's going fine (except I need a BMS for the batteries I have).

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Re: Diy ebike wiring

The direct and best way is to inquiry the manufacturer. That is shortcut.

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