Trek Valencia+ and Bionx 48V rear rack battery

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Trek Valencia+ and Bionx 48V rear rack battery

I bought Trek Valencia + about one month ago. I am little disappoint for the capacity of battery and I want some more power. Do you know will the Bionx 48V (8.8Ah/423Wh) Rear Rack Battery fit to Trek? Is the trail suitable? Or should it be changed? Or Should I also change the whole rack of bike?

The battery in Trek is 40.7V and 44 cells (260Wh).

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Re: Trek Valencia+ and Bionx 48V rear rack battery

Hello Kokki, you can add a 39 cell 48 Volts battery to your Valencia. This will fit your current carrier and you will go from 260 W/h to 320 W/h.
You don't have to change any settings to the system; the voltage to the motor is not given by the battery but requested from the motor; 40 Volts.

I drive with the same settings: T500+ motor with 2011 48 volts battery.

Regards, Infaassie.

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Re: Trek Valencia+ and Bionx 48V rear rack battery

Hello, I am considering buying my friend's Trek Valencia=+ ...there is only one problem. He let the bike sit idle for around 7-8 months. Now the battery only gives me about 8 miles of life, even conserving it as much as possible. I need to A) find out EXACTLY where and how much a replacement battery costs, B) UPGRADE the battery as described above. Can you tell me where I am to purchase such a battery online, or do I have to go through a BionX dealer? I am not an electronics wizard, however the LiFePO4 batteries look like a way to go, but wil I need to change everything to add this kind of battery? I am very confused, and perhaps I will also post this as a new thread... Thanks in advance for any help, Petey

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Re: Trek Valencia+ and Bionx 48V rear rack battery

Peter - the BionX system on your Trek uses a proprietary firmware or CANBus operating system. You can only replace your battery with a BionX battery which you will need to purchase from an authorized Trek or BionX dealer. This is important for warranty purposes. Also, try running the battery all the way down until you get no more assist; wait 30 minutes for the battery to cool then charging fully until the light goes green on your charger. If you stil get only 8 miles range after this procedure then a new battery may be in order. You can upgrade to a 37v 9.6ah or a 48v 8.8ah. If you decide to go to the 48v battery you will also need to purchase a 26v power supply with the new battery. The 48v BionX battery has the charger built-in an uses a small 26v supply to initiate the charge cycle. Hope this is helpful. Paul

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Re: Trek Valencia+ and Bionx 48V rear rack battery

I think i saw somebody mentioning that he added a second battery to the rack of his trek bike.
This 44 cell battery still seems to be one of the best batteries around.
To add more range i just bought a new one, but changing it during the trip is a real burden.
So does anybody have experience in adding a second battery to a trek bike?

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Re: Trek Valencia+ and Bionx 48V rear rack battery

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