Robert Llewellyn (a.k.a. Kryten) reviews a bunch of electric bicycles and motorcycles

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Robert Llewellyn (a.k.a. Kryten) reviews a bunch of electric bicycles and motorcycles

This should look familiar to anybody on this forum. I totally enjoyed watching this.

Bikes reviewed:-

  • A lightweight folding electric bicycle, unsure of the maker
  • A2B Ultra .. A2B Metro
  • Vectrix
  • 2012 Zero S
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Re: Robert Llewellyn (a.k.a. Kryten) reviews a bunch of ...

That was an excellent presentation.... fun without getting too silly or geeky, and a good selection of vehicles too.

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Re: Robert Llewellyn (a.k.a. Kryten) reviews a bunch of ...

He has two series out. One is Carpool. An interview show in a car which sometimes touches on electric transportation and sustainable living. Then he has Fully Charged which this video is part of. There are about 12 other episodes of Fully Charged available on Youtube. I highly recommend them.

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Re: Robert Llewellyn (a.k.a. Kryten) reviews a bunch of ...

I just bought one of these ebikes the A2B metro it's a really nice bike, every time I go out on it people comment on how nice it looks.
The problem is the UK law is so restrictive 250watts with a max speed of 15.5 mph assisted so though the bike looks good when you get up to 15.5 mph you have to pedal, nothing wrong with pedalling but it would be nice if our electric bikes were allowed to reach 20 mph before they cut out and with a bigger motor as i'm sure over heating will be a problem in the summer days.
Most none assisted bikes can and do much more than 15.5 mph so long as the rider has good legs, but if our govt wants us out of our cars they need to get real.
I'm happy with my electric A2B metro but for the speed issue i'm used to motorcycles capable of much greater speeds than 15.5 but it does give me a bit of a work out getting it up to 20 mph the motor drag is quite high on this bike.

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Re: Robert Llewellyn (a.k.a. Kryten) reviews a bunch of ...

And the best thing for months: finally Robert Llewellyn is back on the "Fully Charged" track and posted a really new epsiode, a test of the Reanult ZoƩ :-)

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Re: Robert Llewellyn (a.k.a. Kryten) reviews a bunch of ...

I haven't been here in a long time. I can't seem to start a new thread anymore? I just want to make an announcement. Perhaps Reikiman can move the announcement to a more appropriate place?

It's with great sadness that I report that Bert Cebular, founder of Nycewheels in NYC passed away after a para-gliding accident on Wednesday December 5.

Bert had been an icon in the ebike retail business for over a decade. He was a personal friend of mine and he will be missed.


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