2006 E-max Sport drum brake

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2006 E-max Sport drum brake

I'm the new owner of a 2006 E-max Sport. I have the drum brake "squeal" that I read can be cured by cutting a diagonal groove across the shoe. Does anyone have a dis-assembly diagram or procedure for getting at the shoe to perform this fix?

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Re: 2006 E-max Sport drum brake

The squealing of the rear brakes has driven me crazy for years - I once tried cutting a single slot across the brake lining to no avail - but I never tried a diagonal one - or perhaps several diagonal ones.

Disassembly is pretty straightforward. disconnect the brake cable at the adjusting nut. Remove the brake plate torque-anchor bolt, nut and spacer. Loosen the axle nuts - make sure to hold one nut with a wrench while turning the other. Remove the safety retainers - by removing the obvious bolts that hold them. Remove spacers and do whatever is needed to obtain sufficient motor wire slack to slide the motor/wheel assembly off the rear swing arm drops, while swiveling the wheel off the right drop to remove the additional spacer and the brake shoe plate - it slips off the right end of the axle. Remove the retaining springs and remove the shoes.

Reassembly is the reverse. Torque the axle nuts to 65 foot-pounds or 85 newton-meters.

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