Anyone interested in buying PARTs from my EVT4000e, my brushed motor went but most of the other other parts were working Aok

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Anyone interested in buying PARTs from my EVT4000e? I believe that it is a 2006 model!!

I got a nail in my rear tire, and noticed a slight [intermittent hestitation] in motor power;
--so since I was servicing the rear tire anyway; I took apart the rear brushed motor with a gear puller etc.
--But I COULD NOT get it back together correctly [fully engaged] before one of my [set of 16] brushes broke!!

Most of the other parts on the scooter were working Aok!!
a) My front rim has an almost new 3.5x10 Micelin scooter tire on it: $100 or Best Reasonable Offer
b) The Standard speed Controller: $150 or Best Reasonable Offer
b2) The 48v to 12v power convertor box: $50 or Best Reasonable Offer
c) Three sets of extra brake pads: $20 each
d) Any other parts?, of interest?!?

I had been running 48v set of LiPo4's and getting 33 to 38 miles to a charge!!
I expect to KEEP these batteries, and shift their usage over to the main battery bank, for my solar powered home!!

Anyone interested in buying PARTs from my EVT4000e?

Vincent Berardi
Webster, New York; USA


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