Tesla's first Model S customer deliveries at the Tesla factory (former NUMMI) in Fremont CA

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Tesla delivers first Model S's to customer at an event at the former-NUMMI plant in Fremont CA

The car received EPA certification for a 265 mile driving range

The charging system on-board is extremely flexible. It uses a proprietary charging port, and the car comes with adapters for typical power outlets, for J1772, and for Tesla's proprietary SuperCharger system


The super charger supports charging at a 90 kilowatt rate, and can completely recharge the car in about an hour. This makes it the first electric car that can implement that American Past Time: The cross country road trip.

At the recent shareholders meeting, Elon Musk dropped huge hints of integrating solar power systems with the super charger in a way that would be Renewable Power Generation, coupled with Sustainable Transportation, and would make sense once it's revealed.


Wells Fargo is offering financing for Model S purchasers


Could Tesla Motors revolutionize the auto industry, again?

Tesla is opening more retail stores

There is a huge short interest in Tesla's stock (TSLA) - meaning that a lot of people are betting that Tesla, the corporation, is a goner, and will die. However Elon Musk made some interesting promises and projections at the recent shareholders meeting


Goldman Sachs released a BUY recommendation on TSLA stock, for largely the same reasons Elon gave in the shareholders meeting



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Re: Tesla's first Model S customer deliveries at the Tesla ...

Encouraging developemnts. Now if Aptera can return and spark interest in to-the-moon design, we'll be on the way.


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