Toyota's electric sports car, the 2000GT SEV

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There are some news articles going around that Toyota is planning to design/build/manufacture an electric sports car that would rival one from Tesla. I don't know about that - but they did recently build an electric sports car, and took it to the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The car is a Toyota 2000GT SEV. The 2000GT was a 1960's era sports car made by Toyota. Some engineers from Toyota restored one, and built a fantastic electric conversion of it.


It was first shown to the public, with this video along with the unveiling.

Then a couple weeks ago the 2000GT SEV went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed




And this video

This page has all the info I could collect on the Toyota 2000GT SEV

This article is my writeup / analysis of the situation


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Re: Toyota's electric sports car, the 2000GT SEV

Awesome! Sell these for $50K a piece and I'm in... :-)


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Re: Toyota's electric sports car, the 2000GT SEV

I found it interesting (and funny) to see how they retracted the pop-up headlights on high speed stretches at Goodwood and popped them up again while deccelarating towards the next turn :-) Of course they would cause considerable drag at higher speeds while extended...


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