J-1772 ettiquette

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J-1772 ettiquette

Since this is a new scenario about charging and temporarily free I have a question. I have saw EVers charging with their VOLT and their PRIUS with Coulomb charging stations. It can use gas if their charge is cut short. Would it be in bad taste if one needed a fuel up on a pure electric to lift J-1772 and plug it in a "pure electric" vehicle. I went to library and got a nice fill up on my scooter which even with J-1772 240 volt fills my scooter in 2 hours cut short and saw it in location 2 now plugged in to a Volt. I said wow! I also didn't mind since my charge was full and I was in middle space not one and not two. I can only use electrons but as long as I have free source I can't really complain. Share and share alike I always say. I can plug into a local inconvenience store "Hi Bob Rice" too near the RED BOX and Pepsi machines.
My question is can I unplug a port if I see electrons are near full on Coulomb meter legally and morally? I figure 4 or 5 KW is enough? I can only get 2 or 3 KW in my scooter if I can kill it.
This is more or less in response to Cruisin

Re: Received my J1772 adapter from ModularEV Power

Its good to see you conform to the standard of J1772 public charging, however, your charger is too small if you have a decent sized pack and will tie the public charger too long. With only 18amp charging rate it takes too long to provide enough to get home and you are holding up other people. However you did save a couple of $$ by buying small. Next time get a PFC 5000 or 6000.

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Re: J-1772 ettiquette

I think there's 2 basic rules we should all follow on charging stations:

1. Don't unplug someone else's vehicle without permission.
2. Don't stay plugged in when you don't need any more charging.

Eventually, some extra communication paths are going to be needed, so it will be possible to text the owner of the vehicle that's plugged in and say "hey, your car looks full, may I grab the charger now?". But until that happens, I'd say hands off, and play nice.

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Re: J-1772 ettiquette

Yeah, that's some good basic rules - I put together a longer list here:

  • All electric cars should have preference over plug-in hybrid cars
  • Non-plugin cars do not belong in electric car charging spaces and Hybrid cars are not electric cars
  • Electric cars should be parked in an EV charging spot only while charging
  • When your electric car is done charging, move it so other electric cars can use the charging station
  • Place a notice placard in your electric car window
  • Look at indicator lights to see if a car is still charging before unplugging it
  • Placing notes on cars who ICE an electric car charging space
  • Safety first

A sample placard is here:- http://www.evchargernews.com/chargeprotocolcard.pdf

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Re: J-1772 ettiquette

Can you post a good picture of a simple or any way of letting one know to remove J-1772 and do not reconnect to VX-1. In other words how to fill it out properly. I can get a full "FULL" charge in 3 hours and a good charge in an hour. I don't need it topped off all the time and as a matter of fact, I do like a have the charge cut short for a cool battery is better than a HOT pack that is full.
So the last line is good for me. Remove and place back on Coulomb Charge Station. Here in MA the Coulomb is free for 4 hours. Even my KIA can get a full charge in 3 hours. So I really would like any one who has to use Coulomb to snag the J-1772 from my vehicles and if I have to put a big "PLACARD" up, I will. Oh by the way, do not charge VX-1 after a hard ride and hot battery pack and expect it to be happy. It is only a 30 AH pack and 10 or 11 amperes makes it hotter immediately after a hot ride. I wait till break time and move the scooter to station 1 which is always empty. So even if I get a one hour charge that is about 1/3 full more. Almost 14 or 15 bars on meter.


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