Shorai LiFePo4 batteries?

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Shorai LiFePo4 batteries?

Not sure if this is going to be the correct spot, but it is a LiFePo4 question, so here it goes :)

I work at a motorcycle shop where we sell 2 different brands of LifePo4 replacement batteries. One of them is catching my eye as a very nice alternative to the SLA batteries we currently use. The brand is Shorai and they make them in a case that resembles a traditional SLA. There website can be found here

To those who have experience with LiFePo4 batteries, would you mind taking a look at these to see if they are worth the effort? They make several styles and sizes, and have a few 14Aheq that are the same size as the 10Ah SLA batteries. My main question, is there is not a lot of data on their site, making it dificult to do any real comparisons. They are also classified as "starter batteries" capable of delivering a high amp discharge, but what about run times? Does being a "starter battery" mean that it is not as capable of delivering the runtime as well? Anyone with some insight to this, please respond!


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Re: Shorai LiFePo4 batteries?

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Re: Shorai LiFePo4 batteries?

Do you know that you got it spelled wrong? It is PO4 not Polonium 4, like there could be a Polonium cell?, Li= Lithium, Fe= Iron, PO4 = phosphate radical. Po = Polonium and it it highly radio active and Po4 must be the light weight version since it is supposed to have a molecular weight of about 210. . Let's get some spell check going. I sure wouldn't buy a product if it is spelled wrong. It can't hold up under "warranty". I use light weight Pb Trojan batteries in my daily use for making battery boxes. a pound or so and zero AH for sizing. I also cut up my exploded Lithium cells to fill them up with Styrofoam for sizing too.


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Re: Shorai LiFePo4 batteries?

I converted a 36 volt scooter for lead acid to Shorai LiFePO4 motorcycle starting batteries.
It has run well for over a year. The thing to note however is that actual Ah is 1/3 of stated PbEqAh.
The equivalence is for starting applications.

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