Plugged our SANYO DC-DA9 into 220v. Is it totally broken?

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Plugged our SANYO DC-DA9 into 220v. Is it totally broken?

We bought this device in Japan where they use 110v. When we got back here in the Philippines where we have 220v, my sister accidentally plugged it directly to the outlet. We heard it popped. I tried using a transformer and surprisingly, the device is still working but later on I noticed when I played a music the two speakers doesn't work anymore. The thing is that when I connect a headphone/headset directly into the the player, I can still hear a sound/music playing but with a very low volume even if I put the volume in maximum. What do you think is the main problem of the player?or is it the speakers only? CAN IT STILL BE FIXED?? Appreciate it if you can answer this. Thank you!

Again, the player itself is still working and can hear it is still playing when connected with earphones/headset but with a very low sound even in max volume. Speakers are not totally working.

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Re: Plugged our SANYO DC-DA9 into 220v. Is it totally broken?

What kind of scooter is a "SANYO DC-DA9"? I have a lot of scooters that have an external "BRICK" charger like a lap top brick and they all say 100-250 volt AC- 50 or 60 Hz. I Google~ed the SANYO DC-DA9 and it came up with a SANYO cassette deck? Any how , one of my bricks did pop when I plugged it into 220/240 volt AC. I carefully opened it up with a Dremal tool and noticed a wrong value capacitor in there. It was a 200 Wvdc vs 450 volt cap. I chucked it out, for a glue job looked awful. But most radios / cassette players use a transformer of an iron core nature.If you put 220 / 240 volts in it it will try to put double the voltage on circuit lets say 18 volt normal and it would try to make 36 volts and capacitor would pop or explode. An over voltage would appear on circuit and more than likely exceed a transistors parameters and no sound! I think it is toast now but maybe you can find a TV Stereo repair shop around? There are like history around here. Electronics are throw away now.
I use a 110 volt socket and plug for charging at out vehicle charging facility of which uses J-1772 converted to NEMA6-20 and NEMA 5-20 so even though it is a standard 110 socket, well it has 240 volts on it and I have to remember to switch red switch to 240 side. I expect to forget someday like you did. I played Air Force and was in Thailand and plugged my cassette recorder in their outlet back in 1970 and it exploded not pop. So mistakes can and will happen. Is Japan 110 volt? I thought Japan was 100 volt even . Any how that is close enough. I just believe your Sanyo is toast. That means a lot of your transistor or IC are fried and need replacing?


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Re: Plugged our SANYO DC-DA9 into 220v. Is it totally broken?

MIght just be a burned out fuse inside the unit. If you are getting sound from earplug, it means that at least the input side is still good, but possibly you burned out something in the amplifier section ( you could look for inside for burned out fuse's and burned (charred) parts.. if its something simple.. just get a replacement part and install it; if its too complicated it will prob cost more to fix than its worth.

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