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mount u-bolt

I've got a scooter frame and a motor I want to mount on it. The scooter is an old honda elite which was stripped down and formerly had an electric drive on it. I bought it a ways back without its electric drive system and there isn't an obvious way to mount a motor.

One option I've come up with is part# 3042T39 at ... a u-bolt with a guillotene metal piece.

The motor is a 4 1/2" cylinder, matching one of the sizes. Two of those should hold the motor in place ...but... I'm worried about whether it will keep the motor from rotating in place.

Okay, so I know the typical motor mount is a plate and there are screw holes on this motor mounting this way. I'm just having what may be a brain fart thinking about this particular mounting system.

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Re: mount u-bolt

Motors are meant to be mounted on a plate as you say. The other way is unlikely to protect against the motor rotating.

I, too, have a stripped down Honda Elite, and have been looking at setting up a motor system for it. On mine there is space between the rear wheel and the frame to mount a motor on the swing arm. What I've had in mind is to mount the motor on a plate, mount a couple rails on the swing arm, and mount the plate to the rails.

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