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Jonas Winslo
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I was really disapointed with the Vectrix today. I have been having a real problem with battery temps during charging. I have resorted to using a timer to charge late at night after the batteries cooled down. Moved the scooter to an air-conditioned space for charging and still seeing temps of 45-46 C at the end of charge. Way too hot! I removed the seat today and found a bunch of problems caused most likely from the idiot who did the battery recall. This scooter was recalled when new and was repaired before I purchased it. First, I found the Vectrix tool kit under the seat---a 2" wide scrapper left there by the "technician" In addition, the bolts on the battery cover were overtightened, bending the washers and deforming the cover. There was a rubber plug that two cables pass through into the battery that was missing. I found that and a bolt and washer from the battery cover in the lower cowl. There is a hole punched into one of the thin plastic covers that surround the battery. Worst of all, there is a connector on the top of the battery with nothing plugged into it. I had to remove the side cover to fix the rubber plug and remove the bolt and washer which was stuck out of reach. At that point I found a wire and connector with a plug that would mate to the connector on top of the battery. It was labeled "battery cooling fans"--I think I found the battery overheating problem. The plug and connector had two green magic marker stripes that matched, so it was connected at one time and inspected. I plugged in the connector, plugged in the charger and for the first time heard the cooling fans run. I have never heard another Vectrix on charge or even run, so I had no idea that this scooter for the entire 500 miles I have driven it never had any battery or electronics cooling at all. I am really concerned what these high temps might have done to the life of the batteries and other electroincs cooled by the same fans.

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Re: repaire issue

Hi, Jonas,

I Assume we are talkng about a NiMH Vectrix here? If its Li I dont imagine there will be any problems.

If it is NIMH then I don't mean to be rude but have you never read the manual? It mentions the fans clearly in the 'battery' section as do many (all?) the threads on this site that talk about the vectrix and its battery and/ or charging it, especially the noise from the fans. That said, it sounds like someone has really screwed up and if you might get somewhere with a civil claim against Vectrix (if you have a good Chinese lawyer).

Failing that course of action, if I were you I would install the Laird's charger software asap and see how bad the damage is. You might have been lucky. Normally abused batteries swell and/or discolour but how is your max range? If it is poor compared to what it 'should' be then you may have problem... And the L's software could help.

Regards, MW


Regards, Martin Winlow
Herts UK

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