Intermittent temperature warning light / charging problem

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HI All,
I'm wondering if someone can offer some insight or advice on an intermittent problem with my Vectrix. The battery and temperature warning light appear even when switching the bike on, even when the bike has been standing unused for days.
During this condition using the red kill switch and left brake procedure, the temperature showing varies from 21c to 28c. More often than not it is stuck at 21c.
If ridden with the warning lights on, the twistgrip throttle applies engine braking in the 'neutral' position by which I mean the at rest position between accelerate and brake.
Today, when starting the bike first thing this morning, the warning lights were showing. Left brake and Kill switch procedure showed a temp of 23. After a ride of 4 miles the battery was just above half full, having been charged yesterday evening.
After work this evening the bike showed no temperature or battery warning. The throttle is back to normal.
On charging at home this evening after resting the bike for two hours the temp and battery warning lights came on and the charger switched itself off. Temperature indicated was 24c. After a second attempt the charging started OK.
I would welcome any suggestions as to what is wrong and what I might be able to do about it.
Many thanks in anticipation!


Keep it shiny side up!

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Re: Intermittent temperature warning light / charging problem

My first thoughts personally are that your two problems are completely seperate.

At a guess I would suggest that your temperature sensor modules are intermittantly faulty.

When they are NOT working (depending upon which firmware you are using) a couple of things will be apparent. First it will show 21 degrees as the temperature as this is the default temperature that the machine shows before it has readings from the sensors and if this is showing and your battery and temp light are flashing then either the front, rear or both battery temperature modules are faulty.

Secondly if they are showing a fault then the later versions of firmware will not allow it to charge. It will power up - go to 10amps (110kmh) and then after a few seconds shut off.

Your throttle problem sounds incidental. If you start the bike up with your palm resting on the throttle it can set itself with range - however it might be just far enough to induce regen when in "neutral" position.

Your range - is something that is difficult to diagnose. What speed was it at - how long has it been since this battery was used on a daily basis - what is your normal range etc etc etc.

When i recieved my first vectrix its battery range was 4km from full to empty and took some 'training' over a couple of weeks riding - charging etc to get it up eventually to 50km.

So.... in summary the quickest and easiest fix for your problems might be to install older firmware that will allow your bike to charge and be ridden regardless of what the temp sensors are saying (or not saying)

Secondly is to dry them out fully and then see if they function a warm dry garage or one with a dehumidifier might do . However to protect the temp boards you would have to dismantle the bike and locate the boards. Most people on here will try to put them in some form of weather proof container - plastic bag - taped up whatever as this certainly is an Achilles heal of the bike.

Hope this helps

Search this forum for temperature boards and temperature sensors and i am sure there is heaps of info on there



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