Problem with 24V EV global bike, hud makes noise but bike won't move

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Bryan Armstrong
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My 24V EV global bike started making a funny noise when I was engaging the hub sometimes and I assumed it was because I was not pedaling fast enough yet thus causing it to work too hard (though in hind site all I had to do before this problem developed was to get its momentum going forward then engage without any problem) The noise was like a rubber band being stretched (the best description i can come up with) Then the noise was occurring almost every time I engaged no matter how fast I was peddling before engaging. Then I didn't hear that noise and the hub was making the regular noise a hub makes but it would not maintain my speed when I stopped peddling. Now it makes the noise like it's getting the current but it does not move at all. I can't seem to find any one with a similar problem. Any advice?


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