Changing from Pot to Hall effect throttle problems

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Changing from Pot to Hall effect throttle problems

This has got me stumped ... Im building a electric trike and Have been giving the parts from a currie electric bike ... I would love to use the Throttle which is a hall effect throttle to replace my ugly and rather unsafe Pot (I've nearly hit the wall once or twice from twisting it the wrong way already)

But I just cant get it to work

The motor is a Heinzmann 24V 250W (running at 36v) I cant provide many details as it was given to me. Its being run at 36v and has had some mechanical modifications but nothing electrical.

The controller I'm using is this one ATM I have another on order but plan to use which-ever is best so I would like to get this one working as well.

Ive tested the Currie throttle and when I connect 4.5V to the red/black wires I get varying (1-4V) from the green wire when I twist the throttle. so that seem to be working fine.

The controller gives a reading of 5V across its throttle "input" wires.

And yet when I connect up the Currie throttle I get nothing ... The 5V across red/black reading goes down to about 1v and I get nothing out of the green wire and obviously the motor does nothing.

Ive found this thread which suggests that I can just switch between the two .... But I cant find anything else.

Thanks for any help you might be able to give

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Re: Changing from Pot to Hall effect throttle problems

Can you describe a pot box going the wrong way? I have a Curtis motorcycle twist grip on my Honda going to a 1205 controller and never a prob. I can wire it 0 to 5 K Ohm or 5 K ohm to 0 Ohms. I do like versatility of some controller like the Alltrax where one can use Hall effect, inductive, or resistive.
The only way I could think of making a pot box go up is using a separate box like a Pb-9 or PB-6 and a spring and a cable? Then one could go from a stop to full on and back down to stop by going ALL the way around grip?


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